Submission to Low Stakes High-Rolling 3 Game Jam!

I had a tough time with the theme(A Small World), so in order to at least do something, I worked on a simple platformer that takes place in a small, world!

I did everything by myself except for the soundtrack and some of the SFx that were freely available through the community!


The Elf is being haunted by a Ghost! Help him stay alive as long as you can!

Be sure to share your high scores in the comments! And feel free to provide any feedback!


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amazing game

thanks for playing!

😭this is too much fun and christmass music

thanks for trying it!

This is fantastic. I really love the style, and simplicity!

thank you very much!

check out mine if you wouldn't mind? Nobody has rated it so far.

i will definitely check it now!

This was very fun! Really like the art too, great job! Although I'm not very good at it haha

thanks for trying it! :D